PSA : If you need minio to simply manage files on the filesystem for non-S3-capable apps, instead of single-node-distributed-mode, here's a workaround 👉

“The perpetrators were able to gain access through a single compromised developer’s account, the company said” 👉

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Some great advice from @shawnblanc in his latest newsletter: anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. 🙌

Are you a container geek into romantic 👩‍❤️‍👨 movies 🍿? Here's a Docker Swarm 🐳 recipe for Radarr, epic grabber-of-movies, and part of the happily-ever-after AutoPirate 🏴‍☠️ stack 👉

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16yo telling me about his 3D editing and CAD learning: “dad, do you know what a Boolean based work flow is?”

I pause, sensing the dad joke, savouring the moment.

“Yes and no…”

Pop quiz, hotshot.. 💣🚌 There's a server with containers on. If you run enough containers, you start to loose track of compose files / data. If the host fails, all your services are unavailable. What do you do? [hint :]

As it's "Book Lovers Day", you might want to check out some book-related server types on the Fediverse:

@inventaire is a book cataloguing platform which lets people and organisations keep track of their own collection or run a private lending library. You can follow many different parts of Inventaire from Mastodon etc, including users, authors, series, publishers and more. The official site is at

@bookwyrm is a federated open alternative to Amazon's GoodReads, and you can import your GoodReads data into BookWyrm. It's part of the Fediverse and you can follow BookWyrm users from Mastodon etc. You can find out more including servers to sign up on at

#BookLoversDay #Books #Book #Fediverse #BookWyrm #Inventaire #ActivityPub #GoodReads #Alternatives


If you've written software that results in downloads named "receipt.pdf", "invoice.pdf", or "GetBillImage.pdf",



Got some useful dockerized apps, but wish you could secure them behind simple and trusted auth? Here's a Docker 🐳 Swarm recipe for Authelia, simple, flexible, and lightweight single-signon to protect your UIs 👉

Do you have a love/hate 💔 relationship with Twitter? Do you like being on the fringe? Here's one geek's opinionated review of Mastodon 🐘, globally-federated, twitter alternative 👉

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